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Biomax launches BioXM Knowledge Management Environment version 5.1

Biomax Informatics AG announces the rollout of the  BioXM Knowledge Management Environment  version  5.1  with  powerful  new  features  that increase productivity and significantly extend the underlying semantic concepts of the  system. In particular, BioXM v5.1 introduces responsive web design for use on mobile devices, a redesigned ontology module and an extended query module.

BioXM v5.1 features responsive web design for use on modern touch-enabled mobile devices such as Apple's iPad or Android-based devices. The BioXM graphical user interface (GUI) automatically adapts to the device used to browse the BioXM-based portal. A BioXM portal configuration can be saved to the device's home screen and used as a highly interactive web app replicating native app behavior.

Dr Sascha Losko, Head of Product Management at Biomax said: ‘Our clients are increasingly using tablets in their daily work, so we’ve adapted the BioXM platform to be used as a highly interactive web app on mobile devices.  In addition to the extended ontology and query modules, BioXM v5.1 introduces responsive tables and gesture-based navigation (like pinch-to-zoom) and more to allow our users to have powerful, sustainable knowledge management literally at their fingertips.’

BioXM v5.1 also introduces a redesigned BioXM ontology module that now supports any type of ontology relation and adds advanced ontology inference and reasoning capabilities. Newly developed importers provide greater flexibility with full support for OWL and OBO files. Support for ‘OWL Imports’ enables automatic inclusion of referenced web resources. The updating process has been redesigned to ensure ontologies are always up to date while keeping all user-modified content intact.

In addition, the BioXM query module has also been extended to provide new functionality for running queries in the background and maintaining, searching and comparing their associated result sets as persistent ‘snapshots.’ Other new features include improved support for 3rd party software, including a new plug-in for the Cytoscape 3 platform.

BioXM  v5.1  available  immediately;  existing  customers  have  already  been upgraded. See for more information


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