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Avizo 3D v6

VSG - Visualization Sciences Group has launched version 6 of its popular Avizo 3D visualisation and analysis software. Packaged in configurable Editions, the Avizo 6 product line delivers powerful visualisation and analysis capabilities for use in many visual simulation fields including materials science, physical and environmental science, geosciences, computer-aided engineering, and generic scientific activities.

Based on Open Inventor by Mercury, Avizo offers users: a wide range of data import formats; advanced image processing modules; volume and mesh data visualisation; powerful segmentation and 3D reconstruction tools; plus other strong post-processing and quantification features. Avizo also provides unique presentation and communication modules and is fully compatible with other popular scientific software such as Matlab, LabVIEW and many commercial 'solvers'. Furthermore, Avizo includes advanced support for very high-resolution displays, VR systems and remote/shared work sessions.

Much more than just visualisation software, Avizo is a complete 3D analysis framework that enables scientists and engineers to easily create their own workflows to achieve detailed insight and full understanding of their data.


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