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Autoscribe Informatics announces Laboratory Execution System module

Autoscribe Informatics will be demonstrating the new ‘Laboratory Execution System’ (LES) module for Matrix Gemini LIMS at Pittcon 2018. Rigorous conformance to standard operating procedures for every analysis is an essential requirement in highly regulated industries and QA/QC laboratories.

Utilising the graphical configuration capabilities of Matrix Gemini, the LES module allows standard operating procedures to be captured in a workflow and enforced according to the specific method. Using the LES module has the added benefit that no 3rd party LES software is required and all data is immediately available for use within the wider Matrix Gemini LIMS.

Following each step specified in the method reduces errors and ensures that there is no variation in a given measurement procedure. The process helps to ensure:

  • Correct sample collection, preparation, testing, reporting, storage and disposal
  • Test preparation is correctly performed with the right reagents and standards
  • Use of correct, calibrated equipment
  • Linking of inventory to sample preparation 
  • Staff competency checks are carried out
  • Data analysis and calculation are performed the same way every time

Matrix Gemini includes comprehensive audit trail facilities. Therefore, all activities relating to samples, tests, resources, projects, suppliers and customers are flagged with a revision number, time, date and user ID.  This means the execution of every step within a standard operating procedure can be traced. 

The powerful but very easy to use Matrix Gemini configuration tools are an intrinsic part of the LES module. They allow individual LES workflows to be created in a graphically configured environment, with no need for software coding. This is exactly the same approach used to configure the Matrix Gemini LIMS for any laboratory workflow requirement.


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