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Aurora Tigon

Eurotech has introduced the Aurora Tigon, the company’s latest addition to its Aurora line of supercomputers. Maintaining the same flexible and modular approach as the Aurora HPC 10-10, the Tigon adds the performance and energy efficiency that comes from the usage of top line CPUs in combination with accelerators. Each Tigon node hosts two Intel Xeon E5 series CPUs and two accelerators that can be either two Nvidia Kepler GPUs or two Intel Phi coprocessors, giving a peak performance of 2.74 Tflops.

The accelerators are connected to the mother board through a Eurotech-designed cable that set up a PCIe2 (moving to PCIe3) connection. They are mounted on the rear site of the ‘cold plate’ allowing for effective cooling to be implemented. An Aurora Tigon rack has 128 of these nodes, bringing one rack performance to 350 Tflops. Each single rack occupies 1.5m2.

All components within the Tigon, including the accelerators, are directly liquid cooled using the Aurora Direct Hot Water Cooling system, which has been adopted throughout the Eurotech generation of supercomputers. On the network side, the Tigon nodes are connected through QDR/FDR InfiniBand links, while there is also the support of an optional 3D Torus network based on FPGAs.


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