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Assay and Study Management Suite

Accelrys has released the latest version of its unified biology assay and study management software suite, consisting of BioRails DM 4.5, BioRails PTO 4.5 and Morphit 3.0.

The BioRails assay data management and project tracking/optimisation applications, together with the Morphit spreadsheet, help the efficiency and productivity of scientists in early-stage screening through in vitro ADME, in vivo DMPK, and pharmacology experiments. In the latest releases, deeper integration with the Accelrys Enterprise Platform and Accelrys Pipeline Pilot extends the data processing and reporting capabilities.

BioRails DM (Data Management) and BioRails PTO (Project Tracking and Optimisation) offer a comprehensive, extensible solution for capturing, processing, analysing and reporting low to medium-throughput in vitro and in vivo biological data and associated workflows. Through integration with the company’s Electronic Lab Notebook and its Chemical Registration applications, BioRails enables project teams to capture experimental data and methodologies together in a single system, enabling them to analyse assay results and refine study designs quickly. New features include:

  • Integration with the Enterprise Platform and Scientific Component Collections improve access to scientific solutions across different domains;

  • Configurable linking enables integration to external data processing engines including the Pipeline Pilot scientific workflow authoring application, enabling project teams to save time by automating tedious manual tasks and sharing best-practice workflows;

  • New colour-coding of workflows enables project managers to track the status of work in progress and prioritise jobs across teams and individuals; and

  • Enhanced email notifications support the strategic flow of information and tactical coordination of tasks in a collaborative research environment.

 Morphit 3.0 offers the following new features:

  • Out-of-the-box pharmacokinetics tools incorporating industry-standard formulas for calculating area under curve, clearance, half-life and other PK parameters, enabling fast, flexible PK template design;

  • Enhanced charting capabilities enabling advanced visualisation for improved decision-making;

  • Tighter integration with Microsoft Excel; and

  • New statistical tests for in vivo profiling for greater confidence in results using functions validated against industry standards.


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