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Arraystar v3.0

DNAStar has upgraded its gene expression analysis software, ArrayStar v3.0, bringing new functionality in the areas of normalisation, gene ontology and data transformations that can be useful to advanced users. The software also has an optional module, QSeq, that is designed to accept sequence data from next generation platforms and use it in digital gene expression and RNA-Seq applications. In keeping with its initial strategy, the software continues to focus on being easy for users to learn.   

ArrayStar v3.0 will continue the focus of providing users with visualisation and statistical analysis tools to permit researchers to rapidly and easily track changes in gene expression levels and the association of genes during experimental research. The addition of handling data generated from NGS sequencing applications permits the quantitisation of gene expression data. Its ease of use and ability to work with either microarrays or Next Generation sequence data from a variety of sources greatly expands the utility of the new software.


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