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Announcing AIRI: Integrated AI-Ready Infrastructure for Deploying Deep Learning at Scale

Pure Storage, developers of an all-flash storage platform has announced the industry’s first comprehensive AI-Ready Infrastructure, AIRI.

AIRI is purpose-built to enable data architects, scientists and business leaders to extend the power of the NVIDIA DGX-1 and operationalise AI-at-scale for every enterprise.

AIRI enables organisations to turn data into innovation at an unprecedented pace. AI represents an opportunity for enterprises to innovate not only at a product level but within day-to-day operations as they lead their industries through periods of tremendous change.

According to Gartner, 80 per cent of enterprises will deploy AI by 2020. AIRI provides a simple, yet powerful, architecture that empowers organizations with the data-centric infrastructure needed to harness the true power of AI.  

‘AI has fantastic potential for aiding humanity,’ said Charles Giancarlo, CEO, Pure Storage. ‘It has the capacity to significantly improve the quality of all of our lives.  Safer autonomous vehicles will save tens of thousands of lives and make us more efficient. AI-driven advances in life sciences have made preventative healthcare a current reality rather than a vague future possibility.  AI will provide highly personalized experiences for the consumer while keeping online communities safer.  AIRI will accelerate AI research, enabling innovators to more rapidly make advances to create a better world with data.’

Engineered as a fully integrated software and hardware solution by Pure Storage and NVIDIA, AIRI reduces infrastructure complexity. AIRI is powered by Pure Storage FlashBladeT, the industry’s first storage platform architected for modern analytics and AI, and four NVIDIA DGX-1 supercomputers, delivering four petaFLOPS of performance with NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPUs.

These systems are interconnected with Arista 100GbE switches, supporting GPUDirect RDMA for maximum distributed training performance. AIRI is supported by the NVIDIA GPU Cloud deep learning stack and Pure Storage AIRI Scaling Toolkit, enabling data scientists to jumpstart their AI initiatives in hours, not weeks or months.

‘Businesses everywhere are scaling-up AI infrastructure to attack their most important challenges and opportunities,’ said Jim McHugh, Vice President and general manager of Deep Learning Systems at NVIDIA. ‘With AIRI, our customers get a validated approach that brings together industry-leading compute and high-performance storage with proven results.’

‘AI has evolved from hypothetical future technology to a business-critical strategic asset. There is increased adoption of AI across all verticals, driving new business models, sharper value propositions, more efficient processes, and personalised user experiences,’ said Ritu Jyoti, research director, Infrastructure: Cognitive/AI and Big Data Analytics Workloads, IDC. ‘Innovative technologies from Pure Storage and NVIDIA have enabled the accelerated adoption of AI, and together they provide organisations with an optimised, easy-to-use and robust solution for any AI workload.’

Paige.AI is an organisation focused on revolutionising clinical diagnosis and treatment in oncology through the use of AI. Pathology is the cornerstone of most cancer diagnoses. Yet most pathologic diagnoses rely on manual, subjective processes developed more than a century ago. By leveraging the potential of AI, Paige.AI aims to transform the pathology and diagnostics industry from highly qualitative to a more rigorous, quantitative discipline.

‘Data is the fuel driving the AI revolution. With access to one of the world’s largest tumour pathology archives, we needed the most advanced deep learning infrastructure available to quickly turn massive amounts of data into clinically-validated AI applications,’ said Dr Thomas Fuchs, founder and Chief Science Officer, Paige.AI. ‘That’s when we turned to NVIDIA DGX-1 and Pure StorageFlashBlade. The powerful combination of DGX-1 and FlashBlade accelerates our mission to catalyse the medical industry with AI.’

AIRI is available now through select reseller partners. Please visit our website for more information or join our webinar on May 9, 2018.

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