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AMD Opteron 4300 and 3300 Series

Nine new mid-range and entry-level AMD Opteron 4300 Series and 3300 Series server processors have been released by AMD, increasing performance per watt versus the previous generation. The AMD Opteron 3300 Series processors provide enterprise-class features in a low power envelope at a desktop processor price, making it suited to small- and medium-sized businesses. The AMD Opteron 4300 Series processors offer up to 15 per cent better performance versus the prior generation based on SPECint benchmark results, while SPECpower results show up to a 24 per cent improvement in performance per watt. As with the AMD Opteron 6300 Series processors, these are socket compatible with the previous generation processor, providing an upgrade path for customers.

Socket, thermal and chipset consistency with previous generation AMD Opteron 4200 and 3200 Series processors allows OEMs to carry forward existing server designs and enables end customers to deploy new server hardware within their existing power and cooling infrastructure. Servers based on the new processors are now available from Supermicro as well as the AMD SeaMicro SM15000 platform. Additional server offerings will soon be available from Dell and others.


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