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Altair expands thermal capabilities for electronics

Altair a developer of the HyperWorks computer-aided engineering software suite, has acquired Michigan-based TES International’s technology, intellectual property, and other assets.  

TES was founded in 1994 to service the ‘electronics cooling’ market and provides cross-industry software solutions for thermal design and packaging, custom programming, general heat transfer, stress and vibration analysis, and computational fluid dynamics (CFD). Their flagship CFD software, ElectroFlo, is an electronics cooling package designed for high power-density applications.

‘As an advanced electronics thermal management software package, ElectroFlo is fundamentally based on a multiphysics and multi-discipline solution methodology,’ said Dr Ben Zandi, former Founder, chairman and CTO at TES International, now VP of software development for thermal solutions at Altair. ‘For this reason, Altair, with its unmatched offering of innovative technologies, provides the ideal environment for ElectroFlo to flourish.  Combining it with AcuSolve can provide thermal solutions for applications with complex flow interactions, while coupling with Altair’s Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and Electronic Design Automation (EDA) technologies will provide users a broad set of solutions for electronic applications.’

ElectroFlo is an efficient thermal analysis software that combines the power of coupled thermal/electrical analysis with a user-friendly graphical interface to provide solutions for complex problems.  It incorporates coupled thermal/electrical algorithms, improving analysis results accuracy for systems containing wires and traces. The software can be used to simulate electronics ranging from components and printed circuit boards to full systems, and is particularly useful for designing high-current applications.

‘ElectroFlo is a great extension to our thermal simulation portfolio,’ said Dr Uwe Schramm, CTO at Altair. ‘There is a lot of synergy with AcuSolve 3D CFD which has been widely used for thermal management in a multitude of use cases. Having Dr. Zandi on board will accelerate our work in a number of areas, including electronics applications supported with electromagnetics simulation using Flux and FEKO.’

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