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Altair adds virtual crash cest dummy models to its Altair Radioss portfolio

Altair, a provider of software in product development, high-performance computing and data intelligence, has announced the addition of Finite Element (FE) Dummy Models by Humanetics to the Altair Partner Alliance (APA). The APA offers on-demand access to a broad spectrum of software applications from more than 50 companies to its customers to make use of a wide range of software tools from a centralised source.

FE dummy models are virtual representations of their respective physical crash test dummy. The FE dummy models are created to simulate the behaviour of a crash dummy in motor-vehicle and pedestrian collisions, as well as for aircraft, railcoach and military applications. The goal is to record as much data as possible for the dummy responses such as accelerations, forces and displacements during an impact collision to determine the injury risks. The predictive capabilities of finite element analysis (FEA) allow engineers to fully analyse a crash event in a virtual environment, this has the potential to save significant cost by helping users to develop a better understanding vehicle and restraint performance upfront, thereby reducing the number of physical tests to be executed. 

'We are happy to welcome Humanetics into the Altair Partner Alliance,' said Jean Michel Terrier, vice president, global business development Radioss at Altair. 'Altair HyperWorksTM customers will now have the ability to fully understand a crash event in a virtual environment solving crash safety issues using FE Dummy Models by Humanetics within the flexibility of the Altair Partner Alliance. With the quality, accuracy and robustness of FE Dummy Models by Humanetics, engineers will ultimately save time and money leading to safer product development with advanced models.'Humanetics has developed a large suite of highly detailed and validated FE dummy models that integrate with Altair Radioss™. Models available in the APA program include frontal impact, side impact, rear impact, child, headforms, legs, pedestrian, aerospace, military and body block dummies, and more are now accessible using Altair HyperWorks Units. 

'Humanetics FE dummy models have become the global standard. Our accuracy, robustness and user-friendly experience is key to the development process,' said Christopher O’Connor, president and CEO of Humanetics. 'We are excited to extend our relationship with Altair by offering FE Dummy Models by Humanetics to its wide range of industrial customers currently using Radioss.'

Altair HyperWorks users can download FE Dummy Models by Humanetics by clicking here. To learn more, please attend the Introductory Webinar, being held on September 17, 2019, at 10 a.m. EDT. This webinar will be hosted and presented by Altair and Humanetics.


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