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Allinea DDT for IBM Blue Gene/Q

Allinea Software has announced the release of its high-performance scalable parallel debugger, Allinea DDT, for IBM BlueGene/Q systems. Argonne National Laboratory (ANL), host to Mira, an IBM BG/Q capable of carrying out 10 quadrillion calculations per second on more than 750,000 cores, has worked closely with Allinea for the past two years to adapt Allinea DDT’s scalable architecture to the older IBM BlueGene/P and to prepare for the IBM BlueGene/Q architecture. This work has seen Allinea DDT set debugging scale and performance records for this system family.

‘This tool has already proven its value in the migration of our early science applications onto Mira,’ said Kalyan Kumaran, who manages the Argonne Leadership Computing Facility’s applications performance engineering team. ‘These projects cover the range of scientific fields, numerical methods, programming models and computational approaches expected to run on Mira, so accurate debugging is critical.’


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