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AI engineering assisstant released to cosnsumers

Valispace, an engineering collaboration platform, has launched an AI powered engineering assistant that helps hardware engineers develop their ideas much faster, and build better products.

The ValiAssistant leverages a combination of proprietary smart calculation capabilities with the power of a Large Language Model. It uses ChatGPT for collaborative requirements and hardware engineering and gives deep insights to the developers of world changing hardware (think carbon capture machines, hydrogen airplanes, Earth observation satellites etc.).

Currently, the ValiAssistant can:

  • Populate a whole workspace full of functional & non functional requirements, components, mass budgets, and performance parameters from a single idea
  • Suggest improvements to requirements instantly to improve requirements to be well formulated, quantifiable and testable
  • Find and remove inconsistencies between 100s of requirements in a specification
  • Parametrise requirements to give them technical values that can be linked throughout the project

The focus of the beta launch of the ValiAssistant is around requirements engineering, but future releases will improve its powers of suggestion.

The ValiAssistant will give ideas and insights through continuous conversation to empower engineers in all daily tasks along the engineering lifecycle: Specifying products, designing systems, verifying systems, reviewing and converging, in product line management, engineering planning and collaboration.

"A co-pilot for hardware engineers is a game changer. The ValiAssistant empowers small engineering teams to bring high-quality products to market faster and enable big teams to deal graciously with the rising complexity of products.

We are excited to bring this capability to all our customers and to learn in our beta phase how to serve them even better!" said Valispace CEO Marco Witzmann.

Valispace is a browser-based software tool that empowers engineers to accelerate building and designing all kinds of complex hardware. From spaceships to satellites, coffee machines to carbon capture devices, Valispace eliminates the need for inefficient documentation, reduces project delays and prevents spiralling development costs.

Valispace helps companies like Airbus, Volta Trucks, Hyundai, DMG Mori, Clearspace and many more on the cutting edge of technology to develop their products and get to market quicker.

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