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2DynaFS and 3DynaFS from DynaFlow are suites of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) codes based on the boundary element method for the simulation of unsteady incompressible fluid flows in the presence of free surfaces.

The programs can handle the dynamics of single or multiple bubbles near solid boundaries or free surfaces, bubble dynamics near a submerged object, the dynamics of free surface waves, and the generation of surface waves by a floating or submerged body motion. 2DynaFS is an axisymmetric version of 3DynaFS with a user-friendly graphic user interface (GUI).

The code is designed to solve fluid flow problems involving highly non-linear free surface dynamics, such as encountered in multiphase flows, ocean dynamics and time dependent interfaces separating two or more fluid phases.

2DynaPVF and 3DynaPVF are available. These are post-processing companions to 2DynaFS and 3DynaDF and enable computations of the field pressures and velocities. Additional configurations required by the user can be added upon request.


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