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2013b release

Lumerical Solutions – a provider of photonic design software – has announced its 2013b release, which provides significant improvements to all of Lumerical’s products, and includes releases of FDTD Solutions 8.6, Mode Solutions 6.5, Interconnect 3.0 and Device 3.0.  

This 2013b release will reinforce Lumerical’s status as the most frequently referenced vendor of dedicated photonic design tools by R&D professionals, the company says.

'For 10 years now, Lumerical has been working with the photonics community to create a shared vision of a better design framework for increasingly complex photonic components and systems, said the company's CTO, James Pond.  

'With our 2013b release, we have taken yet another major step forward in providing a comprehensive set of photonic design tools able to model passive, active and nonlinear components both on their own, and within highly functional and complex circuits.  

'From supporting the need for users to process large volumes of jobs on both public and private cloud computing systems, to enabling full 3D optoelectronic modelling of components like CMOS image sensors and high-speed integrated optical modulators, Lumerical is helping prepare photonics professionals for the design challenges of tomorrow.'


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