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Wipro Technologies partners with Microsoft in HPC market

Wipro Technologies, the global IT services business of Wipro, has partnered with Microsoft to address the growing high performance computing (HPC) and parallel computing segment. Wipro will enable HPC customers to migrate to Windows HPC Server 2008 and parallelism on the Windows platform by offering services for application porting, optimisation, application development and cluster deployment and management. The relationship includes joint investments in engineering and technology assets.

Wipro's high performance computing practice has been providing services to its customers in various domains such as oil and gas, financial services and manufacturing. The services include HPC assessment and consulting, HPC application reengineering, and HPC infrastructure deployment and management. Through the relationship with Microsoft, Wipro will now enable seamless migration of HPC applications from Linux to Windows HPC Server 2008. The relationship will also facilitate development and deployment of a new class of applications exploiting the parallel computing features in Windows HPC Server 2008. The services also include HPC application performance acceleration through benchmarking, system tuning, optimisation and parallelisation on grid, multi-core and GPU platforms.

'Wipro has tremendous experience in accelerated, cost-effective application development and infrastructure optimisation. With the extension of our relationship to HPC, Windows HPC Server 2008 customers can benefit from new, innovative parallel applications and optimal performance,' said Vince Mendillo, senior director of High Performance Computing, Microsoft. 

V R Venkatesh, senior vice president, product engineering services at Wipro Technologies, commented: 'We are pleased to broaden our existing relationship with Microsoft to include the emerging segment of HPC technologies. This will help us serve our customers who are looking at maintaining a consistent development environment across desktops and clusters. Wipro is strategically positioned to address the needs of these customers in migrating and optimising their HPC applications to the same familiar environment.'

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