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Dotmatics platform aids male contraception research

Spermatech, an early drug discovery company based in Oslo, has chosen the Dotmatics platform to be its central system for the management and analysis of its scientific data. Spermatech’s research involves working with the sperm-specific proteins involved in fertilisation as drug targets, and highly specialised assay tests have been developed to identify drug-like candidates with the aim of developing an oral birth control pill for men. The resulting diverse and large set of data, ranging from chemistry leads to biological assays and protein sequencing, will now be managed and analysed through the Dotmatics platform.

Experimental information will be handled by Studies Notebook, a comprehensive and unified electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) for chemistry and biology, while Browser will be deployed as the company’s single query and reporting system. Finally, Vortex will be used as a data analysis and visualisation tool. Combined with the rest of the Dotmatics platform, these modules will provide the complete informatics management of Spermatech’s data workflow. 


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