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Website allows flow cytometrists to try before they buy

Applied Cytometry has launched a website where users of flow cytometry systems can see how the company’s latest STarStation and VenturiOne software can help them streamline their procedures and explore the true potential of their data.

Potential purchasers can use the new website to ‘try before they buy’ by requesting 30-day free trials of the company’s software, and will soon be able to order it directly, online.

By assessing an on-line video tutorial, visitors can instantly see how the innovative thinking behind STarStation V3.0 for the Luminex’s 100 and 200 multiplex assay detection systems can help them speed up and improve their assay preparation by using magnetic rather than vacuum separation of the microspheres.

There are also descriptions of how VenturiOne allows them to analyse their data up to 10 times faster and work with even the largest datasets.


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