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DNAStar goes East with its software distribution network

DNAStar has signed a software distribution agreement with BGI LifeTech. Under terms of the agreement, BGI LifeTech will have rights to sell DNAStar's Lasergene, ArrayStar, SeqMan Genome Assembler and GenVision in the Peoples Republic of China and Hong Kong.

BGI LifeTech is a sequencing service provider and molecular biology products distributor throughout China and Hong Kong. The company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the prestigious Beijing Genomics Institute, was founded in 2002 by Dr Huanming Yang and three colleagues. 

DNAStar's software is used by molecular biologists in the areas of sequence analysis, microarray gene expression analysis and genomic visualisations. It has recently introduced the first desktop software that can be used for assembly and analysis of multiple next generation sequence platforms. 


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