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Waters and LabVantage in informatics collaboration

Waters and LabVantage have announced a strategic partnership to integrate laboratory software for improved efficiency and effectiveness at laboratory-dependent organisations.

Collaborating with existing common customers, Waters and LabVantage have already successfully integrated LabVantage's Sapphire LIMS with Waters NuGenesis Scientific Data Management System (SDMS) and Empower 2 Chromatography Data Software (CDS) solutions.

Early results of the relationship have already seen a global pharmaceutical manufacturing organisation simplify its laboratory data platforms from 31 site-specific systems to a single integrated, enterprise configuration comprising only two vendors' solutions worldwide: Waters and LabVantage. The intended long-term impact is to eliminate infrastructure silos, harmonise global variations, and maximise scientific data and experience within the organisation to increase overall quality of work.

Another pharmaceutical company completely transformed its lab notebooks and lab-based information management processes to an electronic system by closely integrating NuGenesis SDMS and Sapphire LIMS. This combined solution provides automation and workflow integration that paper systems simply can't provide. This company is now realising all of the benefits of going paperless, such as reducing costs associated with managing laboru and paper forms, and ensuring the quality and consistency of results with improved access to data.


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