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Wageningen University and DNAStar sign licence agreement

DNAStar and Wageningen University and Research Centre (Wageningen UR) have signed a licence agreement for the use of Lasergene sequence analysis software. Under the terms of the site licence, researchers in the Department of Plant Science of the university and Plant Research International, both parts of Wageningen UR will have unlimited use of the software for their sequence analysis projects. 

Lasergene is a comprehensive sequence analysis software program providing users with tools for performing a wide range of assembly, visualisation and analysis operations on data generated by conventional Sanger sequencing method as well as Next Generation platforms available from Roche 454® and Illumina.  Lasergene is a suite of tools for molecular biologists and geneticists used primarily in the assembly and analysis of DNA and protein sequences. The software provides researchers with a broad range of analysis tools that can be used with traditional and Next-Generation sequence analysis projects. 


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