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GenoLogics announces partnership with GenVault to releases BioVault Software

GenoLogics, a developer of translational research informatics solutions for life science organisations, has announced its partnership with GenVault for its biospecimen data management system, BioVault.

GenoLogics launched its biomedical informatics software solution to track observational studies, collect patient data at remote sites, provide biospecimen and clinical annotations management, and facilitate researchers querying on clinical information and requesting samples. The suite is comprised of five integrated products, including BioVault for biospecimen management.

'Our experience with helping clients to stabilise their biosamples at room temperature and manage their transport, storage and retrieval complements GenoLogics' experience in providing lab and data management software solutions to research organisations,' says Dr David Wellis, CEO of GenVault. 'Our biospecimen consumable, hardware and software technologies were built to allow for full integration with software applications such as the biomedical informatics products GenoLogics is building.'

James DeGreef, GenoLogics' VP of market strategy, said: 'We are excited about releasing our first biomedical product, BioVault, which is part of our total solution to help clients better manage their biosamples and related data. We see the GenVault technology as synergistic with our software solutions and believe that together we are providing our clients with a technically better solution to manage their biosamples.'

GenoLogics is developing its biomedical informatics product line as a complement to their existing research informatics product line. The biomedical and research product lines, combined with the ability to provide data warehouse services, enables GenoLogics to deploy an effective solution for clients to manage their translational research initiatives.


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