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UCB uses ELN to capture complex data

Biopharmaceutical company UCB has licensed IDBS' BioBook to be deployed across multiple European sites for DMPK (Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics) and pharmacology.

UCB focuses on developing breakthrough treatments for severe diseases within selected therapeutic areas such as neurological disorders, inflammatory diseases and oncology.

UCB required a complete solution for managing late stage biological research data. The decision to invest in BioBook was based on the product’s flexible structure and its ability to capture complex data in one application, eliminating transcription errors and providing a better quality of data. 

Hector Sanchez, senior director of R&D Informatics at UCB, said: ‘IDBS’ ActivityBase is our company repository primarily for all our screening data. However, for DMPK and pharmacology we required a solution that would capture both structured and unstructured data which is why we selected BioBook for these disciplines.’ 

Sanchez added: ‘This combination of products gives us the best of both worlds and provides a complete view on our data, reducing experiment duplication, sharing data across the organisation and freeing scientists from report creation, giving them back vital research hours.’


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