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UCB expands Genedata partnership

Biopharmaceutical company UCB has expanded its research informatics collaboration with Genedata.


The two companies have collaborated since 2006 with a focus on enhancing the management of drug target and biomarker discovery data using the Genedata Phylosopher and Genedata Expressionist platforms. 

The collaboration has been renewed and expanded and now also supports UCB's biologics and lead-finding activities in the fields of central nervous system disorders and autoimmune and inflammatory disorders research conducted in the UK and Belgium. 

The extended collaboration aims to further expand the established platform from target discovery functionalities to lead generation support. For this advance, the Genedata Phylosopher platform is now additionally being used for storing proprietary drug candidate information produced by UCB's biologics discovery efforts. As such, the Phylosopher database now relates therapeutic targets to protein-based drug leads, as well as sequence-based biologics reference data. This allows scientists to make better and faster drug discovery and development decisions.

In addition, Genedata Expressionist functionalities have been expanded to include data from much of UCB's molecular profiling technology portfolio. Scientists can now review and explore multiple data types in one space to make better and faster decisions.  

'Our decision to combine Genedata's software products with our in-house customised software has been driven by the trust that we have developed in their established product line,' said Dr Phil Scordis, UCB senior group leader of informatics.


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