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Transtec to offer Cray workstations in Europe

Transtec has announced an agreement with Cray that will see the former add the Cray CX1 supercomputing workstation to its portfolio.

With approximately 400 installed clusters, Transtec has made a name for itself as a developer of HPC solutions for research and development departments in industry, in universities and in scientific institutions. With its Cray CX1 systems, which are ready for immediate use, it enables entry to supercomputing for companies and institutions who cannot make the financial and human resources available that are required for previous HPC infrastructure. The Transtec HPC solutions are based on Cray CX1 systems, which are designed as blade systems. Depending on the application and the particular needs, storage, CPU and GPU blades can be combined. With a form factor only slightly over desktop size (near desktop), HPC systems fit under every desk and can be managed with a minimum of effort.

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