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IDT’s 2017 Sustainability Award funding exceeds $50,000

Demonstrating its commitment to science advocacy and sustainability, Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT), is now inviting applications for its 2017 Sustainability Award program with a prize pool of more than $50,000.

The program is open to researchers working on biodiversity projects in academic, non-profit, and government labs, this year IDT has extended the program to cover the entire United States and Canada.

First, second, and third place submissions will be awarded $25,000, $18,000, and $10,000 in IDT product credit towards proposed research projects. Applications will be accepted until December 1, 2017.

Elizabeth Walder, IDT’s Chief Sustainability Officer, commented: ‘Our Sustainability Award program is a testament to IDT's ongoing commitment to advocate for our customers. This award provides a unique platform for recognising and rewarding innovative scientists as they work to advance sustainability. This year we expanded the program across the United States and Canada, and significantly increased our funding to support research with the potential to positively impact global sustainability issues.’

Biodiversity is vital for sustainability due to the specific roles of species in maintaining ecological balance. This balance underpins the availability of many essential goods and services such as agriculture, medicines, and food. Understanding the importance of biodiversity in sustainability, and recognising a lack of funding in this area, IDT created the sustainability award to facilitate advances in medical, environmental, and agricultural innovation. Now in its third year, the award has benefitted wide-ranging biodiversity projects from the role of methane oxidising bacteria in limiting greenhouse gases, to projects highlighting the importance of sustaining biodiversity in groundwater, seed banks, and the microbiome of birds.

Applications for the award will be judged on overall scientific impact, project feasibility, and the potential impact of IDT’s genomics solutions on the project’s success. Winners will be announced in January 2018, and an awards ceremony held in spring 2018.


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