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TimeLogic and Geneious Server form partnership

Biomatters and Active Motif are to support the latest version of the Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) technology from Active Motif’s TimeLogic division within Biomatters’ Geneious Server high-performance sequence analysis software. The partnership will lead to faster sequence analyses for researchers with high-intensity visualisation and computing needs.

The planned DeCypher module for Geneious Server will allow researchers to offload large sequence comparison jobs such as BLASTX, Smith-Waterman and HMMer to TimeLogic DeCypher cards in order to process data in less time compared to using conventional technologies. Geneious Server is accessed using the Geneious Pro desktop software, which has an easy-to-use interface and wide range of sequence analysis tools, and provides researchers with easy access to DeCypher technology and accelerated algorithms.

TimeLogic’s DeCypher systems combine powerful PCIe cards embedded with FPGA chips, high-performance host-servers, and accelerated implementations of BLAST, Smith-Waterman, hidden Markov model and gene prediction algorithms to accelerate discovery. A single DeCypher card running on a small server can provide the performance equivalent of several hundred CPUs.


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