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Terascala joins NCSA's Private Sector Program to further Lustre

Terascala has joined the US National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) Private Sector Program to extend the development and capabilities of Lustre, one of the industry’s most widely deployed open-source parallel file systems. The company will provide storage hardware, engineering support and hands-on training as a member of NCSA’s Private Sector Program, which helps companies leverage high-performance computing (HPC) to improve their modelling and simulation efforts and enhance competitiveness.

Terascala storage appliances are pre-configured with Lustre and remove I/O bottlenecks in simulation, analysis and modelling environments, accelerating the time to insight for research and engineering organisations. ‘Scientific computing customers require the fastest throughput available to enable their research and analysis to complete as quickly as possible,’ said Steve Butler, CEO, Terascala. ‘Terascala will work with NCSA to understand their application environments and to leverage the collective Lustre skillset, ultimately driving improvements that will speed the digital manufacturing process.’

Merle Giles, NCSA’s director of business and economic development, added: ‘Increasingly, manufacturers rely more on digital modelling and prototyping to quicken the pace of product development, and we want to be sure these tools are within reach of our partners, regardless of company size.’

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