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T-Platforms joins HPC Advisory Council

T-Platforms has become the first Russian company to join the HPC Advisory Council, whose mission is to bridge the gap between HPC use and its potential. It also sets out to bring the beneficial capabilities of HPC to new users for better research, education, innovation and product manufacturing, bring users the expertise needed to operate HPC systems, provide application designers with the tools needed to enable parallel computing, and to strengthen the qualification and integration of HPC system products.

'We are proud to have T-Platforms become the first Russian member of the HPC Advisory Council, and we look forward to their contribution and keen awareness of end user requirements and education needs within Russia,' said Gilad Shainer, chairman of the HPC Advisory Council. 'With more than 100 members worldwide, the HPC Advisory Council has become a key resource for end users and organisations across the world to better leverage HPC system capabilities and improve productivity and efficiency.'

The HPC Advisory Council has its own HPC centre and support group. The centre offers an environment for developing, testing, benchmarking and optimising products based on clustering technology and also provides a unique ability to access the latest systems, CPU, and networking (InfiniBand/10GigE) technologies, even before it reaches the public availability. The council's support group provides a support centre for consultations, questions, and issues for the HPC end users.

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