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Licence for Integromics OmicsHub purchased by the Princeton Mass Spectrometry Center

Integromics, a provider of IT solutions for life sciences in the field of genomics and proteomics, has announced that the Princeton Mass Spectrometry Center has purchased a licence for the Integromics’ OmicsHub Proteomics solution. Integromics will deploy the solution and create a functional data analysis infrastructure by the end of 2010, whereby Princeton will use it as a key element in its strategy for data management and analysis of mass spectrometry (MS) data.

For a rapidly growing MS centre such as the one at Princeton, tracking, administering, analysing and performing large numbers of IT tasks on significant amounts of MS data is a vast undertaking that can become prohibitively elaborate. These activities quickly become a bottleneck to research, limiting the speed or the depth of the data analysis that can be performed routinely. OmicsHub will help the facility to continually engage in large numbers of collaborative MS projects of increasing complexity.

Currently in the MS marketplace there are separate solutions for data management and analysis. OmicsHub provides a global solution that integrates both of these into a single platform, streamlining the data analysis workflow, increasing efficiency and productivity, saving time and money, and facilitating collaboration between scientists.   

‘As we move to become one of the preeminent scientific collaborative research centres for mass spectrometry and systems biology, the amount of data that we produce, analyse and manage is daunting. We believe that Integromics’ comprehensive OmicsHub solution will play a critical role in our successful strategy to address this and establish an efficient infrastructure necessary for large-scale projects and systems-wide informatics,’ said David Perlman, director of the Princeton Mass Spectrometry Center.  

OmicsHub was developed by Integromics as a result of a collaboration with the Spanish National Institute for Proteomics (ProteoRed) and the Proteome Xchange. The comprehensive data management tool allows the user to collect, annotate and conduct qualitative and quantitative analysis of mass spectrometry data.


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