Suite success for Dotmatics

Dotmatics, a provider of informatics solutions to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, has announced that The Moulder Centre for Drug Discovery Research at Temple University, Philidelphia, has licensed the Dotmatics suite of solutions to boost its drug discovery research.

The Dotmatics platform is an integrated suite of software specifically designed to maximise efficiency in data transfer between research institutes, collaborators and CROs.

'After a thorough review of the commercially available software packages for sharing and exploiting the fruits of drug discovery research, it became clear that the Dotmatics platform represented not only the best configuration, but also the most comprehensive package available,' said Magid Abou-Gharbia, associate dean for research and director of the Moulder Center.

'In building our capacity we are focused on efficiently generating research data using a host of technologies and tools. The combination of Browser, Vortex and StudiesNotebook are key solutions that will allow our scientists to quickly triage, integrate and analyse data from multiple sources, speeding the pace and efficiency of research.'

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