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Start-up software company QuantumWise launched

A newly-founded scientific software company, QuantumWise, has been launched from the Nano-Science Center and the E-Science Center at Copenhagen University, Denmark.

The company develops simulation and design software tools for nanotechnology, which, in particular, can be used for research related to future electronic devices such as transistors and memory circuits. This paves the way for computers and storage devices with radically better performance and capacity than today.

'Our products allow researchers and engineers to perform nano-scale simulations that complement experiments and thereby shorten the development process for companies involved in nanotechnology,' commented Kurt Stokbro, CEO at QuantumWise.

QuantumWise has also acquired the software package Atomistix ToolKit (ATK) for atomic-scale simulations of electronic structure and transport properties of nanostructures from Atomistix.


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