Star-P software to support Windows HPC Server 2008

Interactive Supercomputing has announced that its Star-P software will support Microsoft’s Windows HPC Server 2008.

Star-P is an application development platform that allows scientists, engineers and analysts to code algorithms and models on their Windows desktops using familiar mathematical software packages such as The MathWorks' Matlab or Python, and run them instantly and interactively on parallel clusters and servers running Windows HPC Server 2008. It eliminates the need to re-program in complex languages like C or Fortran, or use MPI (message passing interface) to run in parallel, which squelches user productivity and time-to-discovery.

A preview version of Star-P for Windows HPC Server 2008 was deomnstrated  at the 2008 High Performance on Wall Street Conference in New York City in September. A commercial version is expected to ship later this year.

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