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Stanford Center for Genomics and Personalised Medicine adopts DNAnexus platform

The Stanford Center for Genomics and Personalised Medicine (SCGPM) has adopted the DNAnexus Platform on the Microsoft Azure cloud in order to bring enterprise-ready genomic analysis, data management, and collaborative research solutions to the centre.

‘By working closely with Microsoft though our relationship with Stanford and extending the DNAnexus Platform to Azure, we now offer our customers a tailored solution for incorporating Azure into state-of-the-art infrastructure for biomedical innovation,’ said Richard Daly, CEO of DNAnexus.

The SCGPM, which supports researchers across nearly 80 laboratories, brought the two technologies together after working with both DNAnexus and Microsoft independently.

SCGPM seeks to advance genomic technology so that genetic and molecular profiling can be used to understand, detect, prevent, and treat complex diseases.

To advance this goal, SCGPM had previously deployed both the DNAnexus Platform and the Azure cloud for different aspects of the core sequencing facility’s massive genomic processing and data management requirements. With this partnership, a distributed network of scientists and researchers could make use of secure and compliant access to petabytes worth of data through a simple web browser using DNAnexus on Azure.

Each month SCGPM generates on average 7.7 trillion base-pairs of data.

‘Microsoft is committed to advancing the field of genomics,’ according to David Heckerman, distinguished scientist and director of Microsoft Genomics. ‘We look forward to working together with DNAnexus to further accelerate global scientific discoveries.’


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