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LIMS product helps cancer research centre gain NCI recognition

The Penn State College of Medicine and the Penn State Hershey Medical Centre are using Genologics Geneus and Proteus LIMS products to help gain recognition as a cancer research centre from the National Cancer Institute of the USA.

‘It was crucial for us to choose a solution we can implement quickly across multiple labs, with immediate benefits for our researchers and bioinformaticians,’ said Richard Rauscher, director of information technology for Penn State Cancer Insitute.

The systems will work as a backbone linking the different labs together for their research into how to adapt scientific research done in the laboratories to treatments that will actually benefit patients. The laboratories will use the software to manage sample data in areas such as molecular genetics, proteomics and cell science.

The software was chosen due to its features that support the techniques used in these disciplines, including gene expression, protein analysis and automated data capture. The solution also included modules designed specifically for genomics and proteomics that can be easily configured to the workflow of the scientists.


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