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SPEC's Java performance records broken by SGI

SGI has announced that its Altix UV 1000 system achieved two world records for performance on the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation’s SPECjbb2005 benchmark, an industry-standard measurement of Java-based application performance. According to SGI, its Altix UV 1000 outperformed systems from Fujitsu, Oracle/Sun, ScaleMP and HP.

Altix UV 1000 championed its nearest competitors in two important metrics: Ultimate throughput (measured in terms of business operations per second or 'BOPS') and single Java virtual machine (JVM) performance..

According to SPEC, the result of the first benchmarking was that SGI's Altix UV 1000, with 256 cores and 128 JVMs, beat ScaleMP, its nearest competitor, by 82 per cent in Java performance with throughput of 12.6m BOPS using Oracle JRockit. In the second test, the Altix UV 1000 beat Fujitsu/Sun, its nearest competitor, by 60 per cent with a single Oracle Java HotSpot JVM performance of 2.8m BOPS. In addition, an SGI Altix UV 1000 with only 48 cores running a single Oracle Java HotSpot JVM attained 1.1m BOPS, the smallest configuration that achieved a throughput higher than a million BOPS.

'Altix UV’s unprecedented performance directly translates into meaningful business benefits for a wide range of multi-tier enterprise applications based on Java Virtual Machines,' said Christian Tanasescu, vice president, software engineering at SGI. 'Able to easily scale-up and out depending on business demands, these unprecedented SPECjbb2005 results prove Altix UV can lead in the Internet space.'

SGI states that there is a growing need in the area of Java-based applications, which are fixtures in most enterprises, for reliable, scalable servers in entry-level, mid-range and high-end configurations. At every level of the enterprise, Altix UV allows organisations to extend their infrastructures without dramatically increasing the footprint of server resources.

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