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Billboards judged safe from supercomputer simulations

The safety factor of a number of LED billboards in the centre of Moscow has been calculated using supercomputing. OrionCity, a Moscow-based company engaged in production and placement of LED billboards, electronic displays and video screens within the city, requested the numerical simulation to determine whether the billboards had the required safety factor or if there was a need to reinforce the constructions.

Using a supercomputer, T-Services, an affiliate of T-Platforms, simulated the aerodynamic flow around double-sided advertising LED billboards. Modelling revealed the construction had a 10-15 per cent safety margin and therefore required no reinforcement.

'Safety is the key factor of an advertising structure. Again and again the media report billboards collapse. Meanwhile, the majority of such incidents could have been prevented if timely expertise and construction reinforcement had taken place. It took T-Services less than a day to perform the simulation and provide the results,' said Oleg Sobesski, OrionCity CEO.

The simulation was carried out using a supercomputer of about 1TFlops based on T-Blade 1.1 blade platform developed and manufactured by T-Platforms.

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