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Spanish medical research centre selects solution to aid medical compound discovery

Fundacion Medina (Centro de Excelencia en Investigacion de Medicamentos Innovadores en Andalucia) is using Genedata solutions to help with the discovery of innovative medical compounds to fight infectious diseases, cancer and immune disorders. Medina has licensed the Genedata Screener platform - including the modules Condoseo for dose-response curve fitting and Kinetics Analyzer for the capture of time series data -  for rapid and flexible data processing, management and analysis for all of their natural product screening and lead evaluation services. Those services span a wide range of assay technologies and instrumentation, from single-plate measurements to large-scale screens.
Fundación Medina has emerged from the Merck Sharp and Dohme (MSD) Basic Research Center in Madrid and houses comprehensive microbial collections and natural products libraries as well as a compound profiling platform for the identification of potential risks in cardiovascular safety and drug-drug interactions. Consequently, the Medina research teams need to master a multitude of screening technologies and set-up modifications on a daily basis, from anti-infective or biochemical inhibition assays to dose-response assay panels for the determination of potential compound risks.
'We received a clear vote from our users to go with Genedata,' said Francisco Asensio, IT manager at Fundacion Medina. 'The Screener system is unrivalled when it comes to the flexible and efficient integration of third-party infrastructure, and the easy templating for our complex assay setups impresses our screening teams just as much as it smoothes things out for our IT support people. As we inherited a large and disparate instrument park and built our entire organisation from scratch, the need to align different technologies and research groups was a top priority.'


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