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Distribution agreement brings SEA technology to acoustic simulation package

LMS International and InterAC have signed a strategic partnership to distribute InterAC’s SEA+, SEAVirt and related SEA modules to complement the LMS Virtual.Lab acoustics package. In the field of vibro-acoustic simulation, SEA (Statistical Energy Analysis) is a technology that provides a solution for high frequency problems as well as full system vibro-acoustic evaluation. As acoustics takes more of a defining role in product development, vibro-acoustic engineers need better tools to assess concepts and early stage designs. Unlike other methods, SEA does not require geometrical details, but merely global system properties. This is why SEA is ideal early in the concept phase when design details, like CAD or a FEM mesh, are not available.

LMS Virtual.Lab Acoustics users will now benefit from several unique technologies like Virtual SEA, implemented in SEAVirt, which automatically and uniquely converts a structural FE (Finite Element) model from LMS Virtual.Lab into a SEA model. This model can then be further processed in SEA+ for mid-frequency vibro-acoustic analysis. SEA+ provides low calculation times and modelling efficiency coupled with high fidelity. It is suited to address vibro-acoustic problems throughout the product development process, especially on large-scale or on high-frequency projects such as vehicle interior noise, sound package design, aircraft cabin noise and satellite vibro-acoustics.


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