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Software slashes time to scientific discovery from hours to minutes

Mercury Computer Systems - Visualization Sciences Group, partnering with the Institute of Condensed Matter Chemistry of Bordeaux (ICMCB-CNRS – National Centre for Scientific Research), has integrated Nvidia CUDA technology into the Avizo 3D visualization framework, reducing the time to pre-process large micro-tomography datasets.

Mercury Visualization Sciences Group used its high-end visualisation framework combined with Nvidia's computational technologies to allow materials scientists to get their pre-processing results within a time scale that drops down from hours to minutes.

By exploiting CUDA technology, Avizo 3D Visualization framework achieves interactive image segmentation, where the progress of the segmentation can be tracked and influenced interactively, bringing much faster and highly-concise insight into raw image data.

This seamless interoperability between GPU computing and advanced visualisation techniques makes the Avizo ‘understanding-by-visualisation’ solution for researchers and scientists, who are looking for on-the-fly computation coupled to interactive 3D visualisation.


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