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Software partnership to drive research

ACD/Labs has deployed its analytical component collection on the Accelrys Pipeline Pilot R&D platform in the latest development in the continuing partnership between the two companies.  

This software integration accelerates the dissemination of informatics solutions in spectroscopic data processing and prediction, property prediction, analytical knowledge management and interactive reporting of scientific data. Integration with Pipeline Pilot's scientific information processing, automation, analysis and integration functionality helps organisations using ACD/Name, ACD/PhysChem Suite, ACD/ADME Suite, ACD/Tox Suite and ACD/Labs' analytical tools move new products from lab to market more quickly and efficiently. 

ACD/Labs' analytical component collection enables import, processing, handling and interpretation of analytical data. It supports scientists in building an analytical knowledge-base of spectra, chromatograms and metadata from a variety of analytical techniques including NMR, LC/MS, UV-Vis, IR, Raman, chromatography, x-ray powder diffraction and other analytical techniques. ACD/Labs collaborates with most major instrument vendors, resulting in support of more than 100 file formats. 

'The partnership between Accelrys and ACD/Labs is a high-value win for our mutual customers,' said Dr Trevor Heritage, executive vice president of software products at Accelrys. 'Software compatibility between ACD/Labs' tools and our enterprise R&D platform enables the broad and rapid adoption, deployment and management of cutting-edge technology and science across our shared customer community.'


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