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SGI to provide Total solution

Technical computing provider SGI has announced that Total has selected it to provide a high-performance computing solution capable of delivering compute power of 2.3 petaflops per second.

The system will use the latest generation of SGI ICE X servers, and greatly increases the data processing power previously available to Total at its Jean Féger Scientific and Technical Centre (CSTJF) in Pau, southwest France.

The aim of the new system is to help Total in the quest to identify and develop new oil and gas prospects.

'The needs for compute-intensive data processing in the oil and gas industry are constantly increasing,' said SGI interim CEO Ron Verdoorn.

'With data files exceeding 10 petabytes, technological innovation for reservoir modelling and simulation relies not only on compute architectures but also on storage architectures, as well. Within this framework, SGI offers a complete integrated solution including compute, storage, and services.'

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