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SciNet speeds Ontario R&D

As part of the new Southern Ontario Smart Computing and Innovation Partnership (SOSCIP) with IBM, the Federal Government, Government of Ontario, the University of Toronto and six other Ontario Universities, SciNet will be running what is expected to be Canada’s largest supercomputer, an IBM Blue Gene/Q which will be able to execute almost a half quadrillion mathematical operations per second.

One of seven Compute Canada high-performance computing consortia across Canada, SciNet is a local hub for technical and high-performance computing expertise. This new project will increase the amount of available resources to support Ontario’s innovative technology sector, with a focus on working with small- and medium-sized enterprises to speed product research and development.

The new system is expected to be up and running in autumn 2012, with necessary upgrades to the SciNet data centre already taking place. ‘We’re very excited about our role in this new project,’ said Dr Chris Loken, CTO of SciNet. ‘This incredible new resource, plus our existing experience in working with a wide range of clients solving their research and development computing problems, is going to enable us to help many more Ontario innovators use computing to solve their R&D problems.’

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