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€15,000 on offer for 2013 Bull-Joseph Fourier Prize

Bull and GENCI – the French national high-performance computing organisation – have launched the 2013 Bull-Joseph Fourier Prize.

Its aim is to boost the development of computer simulation in France and contribute to the development of a wide ecosystem encompassing computing centres, research laboratories and European businesses.

The award will recognise the work of an individual or a team in the field of application parallelisation for computer simulation, carried out under the auspices of a French research facility, whether publicly or privately owned. The first prize is €15,000, and pays tribute to Joseph Fourier, whose work made a huge contribution to the mathematical modelling of physical phenomena. The second and third prizes consist of machine time on GENCI supercomputers.

Submissions will initially be chosen by a selection committee, and subsequently evaluated by an independent judging panel including representatives from the French scientific and industrial communities. This panel will then award the first, second and third awards in the 2013 Bull-Joseph Fourier Prize. Submissions should be made by 25 October 2013. The prize will be awarded early in 2014.

'The Bull-Joseph Fourier Prize clearly illustrates our commitment to support research into computing, both in France and Europe,' said Philippe Vannier, Bull's chairman and CEO.

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