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Roche join forces with Genedata

Healthcare company Roche has started using Genedata’s Expressionist Refiner MS module within its proteomics processes.


The Genedata Expressionist platform is used within biomarker discovery, and Refiner MS performs automated quality assessment and pre-processing of mass spectrometry-based proteomics and metabolomics data. The module handles all MS data formats in a flexible high throughput process, providing real-time interactive data quality assessment and processing hundreds of chromatograms simultaneously.


This high flexibility/high throughput duality accounts for the value Refiner MS adds to Roche's biomarker discovery and diagnostic strategy.  

Hanno Langen, section head proteomics-pathways-functional genomics in the Roche Molecular Medicine Laboratories, said: ‘Thanks to its open architecture, Refiner MS can be easily positioned in our lab workflows, allowing for optimal integration. The high performance qualities make it a key element in our proteomics process, for which the processing of large datasets is fundamental.’



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