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Research centre will develop sustainable energy solutions using HPC and quantum computing

A partnership between quantum computing company PASQAL and the Quantum Innovation Zone will create the first open centre of excellence to develop sustainable energy solutions using the combined capabilities of HPC and quantum computing. 

As the world is facing unprecedented energy challenges, the partnership aims to provide the energy industry with sustainable quantum-based solutions by 2024.

This centre of excellence is called QuaTERA – Quantum Technologies Energy Result Accelerator. It aims to form an ecosystem of partnerships at the intersection of the energy industry, classic/quantum hardware, and hybrid algorithms to design and build quantum-HPC-based solutions that solve real energy industry challenges today. QuaTERA welcomes organizations that share this goal to join at

Richard St-Pierre, CEO of the Quantum Innovation Zone comments: “Today, quantum technologies hold many promises waiting to be turned into real-life solutions. We decided to take the lead and play a decisive role in producing practical HPC-quantum solutions impacting today’s energy sector while creating opportunities for collaborative projects and training of highly qualified personnel.”

The cornerstone of this centre of excellence is the expertise of Exaion Inc. in HPC and PASQAL in quantum machines. The coupling of these two systems will deliver unprecedented computing potential to solve what was impossible before. QuaTERA goes beyond the bounds of technology by combining computing power with EDF’s extensive library of energy optimisation and simulation algorithms. This man-machine combination offers a path forward to solve specific problems faced by the world's energy industry such as digital twins, citywide EV charging stations, and resilience optimization to name a few. The centre aims to stimulate the creation of open solutions while providing enough commercial incentives for enterprises to participate.

“We are keen to collaborate with other industry players to benefit the energy industry worldwide. By combining classic and quantum infrastructure as well as classic and quantum algorithms, we have the possibility to build industry-wide inflection points” added Stéphane Tanguy, CIO & CTO at EDF Labs at EDF. 

QuaTERA’s first home is a massive innovation lab based in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada, in the middle of a momentous quantum ecosystem that spans renowned academics from the Université de Sherbrooke, PINQ² and leading industry players. 


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