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Qlucore signs agreement with Chinese genomics company

Qlucore has signed an agreement with SinoGenoMax, a genomics-based biotech company in China, allowing the latter to use the Qlucore Omics Explorer data analysis tools.

Qlucore’s software allows the actual researchers – the people with the most biological insight – to study their own data and to look for patterns and structures. As a result, researchers do not need to be statistics or computer experts in order to use Qlucore Omics Explorer effectively.

'The work currently being undertaken at SinoGenoMax includes a number of very exciting research projects,' says Carl-Johan Ivarsson, CEO, Qlucore. 'We believe that the combination of SinoGenoMax’s competence and local market presence with our software will help researchers to uncover some truly exceptional results. We foresee a long and successful partnership with SinoGenoMax, not only because of the company’s ability to provide us with a strong local presence in China, but also because it has the technical know-how to support our software extremely well.'

SinoGenoMax participated in the International Human Genome Sequencing Project and has been closely involved in several major genome-related research projects such as pathogenic microorganism sequencing projects, Chinese population single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) genotyping project, and other disease genome research projects. Although it originally focused on DNA sequencing and analysis, SinoGenoMax has subsequently expanded its expertise in all aspects of molecular biology and protein biology.


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