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Maplesoft works with MAA to deliver maths test suite

Maplesoft has released the latest version of the Maplesoft-MAA Placement Test Suite (PTS). The PTS is a collection of placement tests for maths students, developed by the Mathematical Association of America (MAA) and delivered through an online testing and assessment tool known as Maple TA. The latest version of the PTS includes a new set of high school prognostic tests that provide projected placements in college mathematics courses long before students arrive on campus. By using these tests, colleges can ensure that more incoming students arrive prepared for college-level mathematics courses.

Built on the recently released Maple TA 5.0, PTS offers the improved ability to organise and search for question content. For those who wish to customise test content, revision tracking makes it easier to try different variants of the same question, while improved assignment creation makes it easier to manage groups of related questions. Since tests are taken online, it is an 'anytime-anywhere' system, providing convenient access for students and saving valuable time for institutions.


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