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Pharma IQ publishes informatics report

The results of an industry-wide laboratory informatics report conducted among 6,000 pharmaceutical laboratory informatics specialists have been published by Pharma IQ. Results from the survey indicate that 75 per cent of laboratory informatics users view technology investment and implementation as their number one priority between 2012 and 2015, with just 8.3 per cent using 'The Cloud'. Furthermore, the implementation of laboratory informatics systems in pharmaceuticals is mature, as almost 55 per cent of respondents implemented their major piece in the last 7-11 years, with 30 per cent having one in place for 11 years or more.

Pharma IQ asked users what the three biggest obstacles were in the day-to-day experience of laboratory informatics and the top two challenges listed include data mining and a lack of knowledge around the standardisation of regulatory requirements, both with 41.7 per cent. Integration with other non-informatics software systems and a lack of industry standards were also high on peoples' agenda, at 37.5 per cent.

This survey report was created as a part of the pre-conference research for 11th Annual ELNs & Advanced Laboratory Solutions taking place 25-27 September 2012 in Milan, Italy.


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