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PBS Professional Roll now available to Clustercorp's Rocks+ community

Altair Engineering has partnered with Clustercorp to provide PBS Professional, Altair's EAL3+ certified workload management solution. PBS Professional will be distributed as a Roll through Clustercorp's popular Rocks+ framework. The PBS Professional Roll is available immediately and offers the Rocks+ community and affiliated hardware vendors a robust workload management solution offering security and scalability for cluster and cloud software stacks.

Rocks+ is the commercial version of the Rocks Cluster Distribution, an end-to-end cluster and cloud solution, which manages the operating system, cluster management middleware, libraries, compilers, and monitoring tools, all with enterprise-class commercial support from Clustercorp. A Roll is a software packaging mechanism used to expedite the installation of software within the Rocks+ cluster and cloud operating environment. The packaging of PBS Professional in a Roll will make deploying PBS Professional in clusters and clouds a rapid and seamless experience.

The PBS Professional Roll is available directly from Clustercorp and its affiliated hardware and distributor partners.

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