Partnership to exploit bio-expertise

LabVantage has announced that it is partnering with life sciences software development company 5AM Solutions.

The two companies will work to provide consulting and implementation services in order to support current and future LabVantage customers in government, commercial and academic institutions.

The partnership will initially focus on meeting increasing customer demand for training, implementation, biobanking best practices and data standardisation, taking advantage of 5AM’s expertise in domains where biospecimens play a fundamental role.

'We have admired each others’ progress for years and have discovered how we can add value together,' said Erica Marrari, biospecimen practice lead at 5AM Solutions. 'Doing what we each do best will allow us to serve the growing market need, delivering optimal value to customers who are at the core of translating science into medical benefit.'

'As we continue to experience significant growth in the life science LIMS and biobanking space, we felt it was important for us to expand and enhance our implementation capabilities by partnering with an organisation that can offer strong domain expertise and proven best practices capabilities,' said Jerry Hacker, of LabVantage. 'We are excited about this partnership and look forward to serving our customers in a manner that meets or exceeds their expectations.'

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